As populations grow, demand for materials is expected to place heavy pressure on our most valuable natural resources and exacerbate issues like climate change, plastic waste and social inequity. Through these challenges, our task is clear — to proactively help the world find sustainable solutions.

Sustainability is integral to our corporate strategy, which ensures we are prepared to act on environmental, social and governance issues that impact our business and uncover opportunities where our strengths can be leveraged to generate the greatest positive effect.

Our sustainability strategy prioritizes three critical focus areas to propel CPChem toward a more sustainable future: addressing climate change, providing sustainable, circular products, and proactively engaging in issues facing our industry and society.

CPChem has long held a focus on sustainability, and I am encouraged by our mounting progress. Creating a new sustainability governance structure, increasing our reporting transparency and launching our first circular product line are a handful of recent achievements the company has made on its sustainable journey, and many more lie on our horizon.

CPChem is determined to help the world tackle global issues as we work toward a more equitable, lower carbon future. By employing our strategy and continuing to transform our performance, I am confident CPChem will be a leader in sustainability within our industry and beyond.

Our Strategy for a Sustainable Future

Sustainability Focus Areas

Benny Mermans 

Vice President, Sustainability   

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Empowering People

Transforming Our Performance

Protecting Our Planet

Performance Data Tables

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Establish informed targets to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, emissions intensity and resource consumption

Transform our facilities through renewable energy investments and technology innovation  

Improve the resilience of our facilities to respond to the physical risks of climate change

Foster a culture that values inclusion and equity through corporate transparency, employee development and accountability 

Transparently communicate impacts and progress with our stakeholders 

Advocate with industry and policymakers for sustainable solutions

Lead a circular economy for plastics through recycling 

Reduce our product carbon footprint by leveraging low-carbon feedstocks 

Eliminate plastic waste in the environment through education  and strategic investments

& Circularity