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Protecting Our People Through COVID-19

CPChem’s COVID-19 communications strategy was centered around keeping our workforce safe and informed. Intensive efforts went into authoring webpages, emails, and videos to keep employees updated as the company responded to the pandemic. Our President and CEO shared regular video messages throughout the pandemic, providing  a series of updates on COVID-19 and its impacts on our workforce and business operations.

We prioritized direct and prompt communications, accessible support for employees,  and detailed procedures for working safely in our plants and office locations.

Throughout the pandemic, CPChem offered comprehensive support for employees working on-site and at home. We instituted flexible work guidelines to help employees manage childcare, remote learning and the many unexpected challenges of working from home. 

We also intensified awareness efforts behind CPChem’s Employee Assistance Program and encouraged employees to take advantage of this free, easily accessible program with exhaustive resources supporting mental health through COVID-19. 

CPChem adjusted the company’s benefits structure to better serve the evolving needs of our workforce throughout the pandemic, through changes such as expanding 401(k) distribution options, allowing mid-year changes to Flexible Spending Account elections, and adapting our paid leave policy to ensure continuity of pay for quarantine periods. 

CPChem operates critical infrastructure that enables the production of many products essential to everyday life around the world. Consistent with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and global health experts, CPChem executed a cautious and measured approach to maintain operations while keeping essential employees safe. We quickly appointed a COVID-19 response team with representation from our EHSSS, Medical, Legal and Human Resources departments that worked tirelessly to establish protocols to protect essential employees and help all other employees transition back to the office after months of working remotely. 

In the United States, our corporate COVID-19 team managed thorough contact tracing procedures and assessments that minimized risks and potential COVID-19 exposures. Through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, we will remain vigilant in our commitment to secure the safety of our employees and contractors.

Timely and Transparent Communication

Comprehensive Support



The unprecedented circumstances created by COVID-19 demonstrated CPChem’s operational resilience and our ability to quickly respond and adapt to protect our people as the pandemic evolved.

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