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Integrity and 

CPChem’s reputation is shaped by our actions. Our core values of safety, respect, integrity and drive are indicative of our approach to upholding the respected reputation we are proud to have earned from our stakeholders. 

Our Ethics and Compliance program permeates the entire company. This program is managed by the Ethics and Compliance Office, which provides guidance on compliance, training and reviewing compliance provisions in contracts. Conducting business safely, lawfully and ethically has been, and will always be, of paramount importance to CPChem.

Our Code of Conduct (Code) highlights CPChem’s ethical standards, informs employees of relevant policies and procedures, and includes detailed information on how to report a concern. This Code applies to CPChem employees and the employees of its wholly owned or controlled subsidiaries. All employees are required to complete training, review and certify compliance with the Code annually. We believe this Code reinforces the high standards to which we hold ourselves and those doing business on our behalf.

Upholding Trust


Code of Conduct


CPChem works with over 7,000 suppliers and service providers to manufacture and distribute our products to more than 140 countries around the world. In 2020, CPChem produced a Supplier Principles of Conduct (SPOC) to ensure our suppliers and service providers are aligned with the company’s values. These principles apply to all suppliers and business partners, and we encourage these groups to share in our commitment to sustainable operations and social responsibility. The SPOC summarizes CPChem’s expectations in the areas of Labor and Human Rights; Environment, Health and Safety; Ethics and Compliance; and Management Systems.

Integrity Across
Our Supply Chain

suppliers and
service providers 

around the world


CPChem works with over

selling products to more than


Empowering People

Protecting Our Planet

Transforming Our Performance

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