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We recognize, encourage and celebrate diversity by creating and refining comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) programs, and by addressing and continuing the conversation about social issues that influence the lives of our people and the communities where we work.

Diversity and

Our employees and business thrive on a collection of experiences, cultures, talents, perspectives and styles of leadership.

Diversity Council

Driving Change

ICARE Ambassadors
and ICARE Councils




The Executive Diversity Council (EDC) provides leadership, guidance and direction for CPChem’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey. The EDC is instrumental in our current work bolstering our strategy to ensure gender and racial equity. This specialized council is comprised of members from senior leadership and other leaders from across
the company.

ICARE Ambassadors and ICARE Council Members form the core of organized grassroots support for our D&I efforts. Ambassadors are selected by local management and approved by the EDC and work to:

awareness and understanding among employees regarding ICARE principles and supportive work place behaviors.

local leaders in addressing issues impacting diversity and inclusion.

appropriate behaviors and act as change agents for diversity and inclusion.

All leaders and employees In the organization receive D&I train ing . Additionally, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at CPChem are voluntary, employee-led groups that foster a diverse and inclusive workplace aligned with the organization's mission, values, goals, business practices and objectives. ERGs provide support through personal and career development and create a safe space where employees can bring their authentic selves to work. In 2020, employees launched CPChem's first ERG, STRIVE. Open to all employees, this group drives collaborative conversation on career fulfillment, with a targeted focus on the challenges women face In the workplace. STRIVE was a catalyst for CPChem, and its formation was leveraged during 2020 to begin work in establishing formal pathways for employees to share their interests and form new ERGs.

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