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Our ICARE principles — Inclusion, Cooperation, Accountability, Respect, Everyday — speak to who we are at CPChem and help foster a culture that enriches our high-performing workforce. Since ICARE was launched, we have continued to educate our workforce about what each principle means and how to put them into practice. 

Attract, develop and retain a
high-performing workforce

Enhance employee

Leverage the diversity of employee ideas to drive creativity and innovation

In 2020, CPChem launched ICARE 2.0 for Impact, which is moving from what ICARE is to focus on how ICARE is practiced. The ICARE 2.0 Roadmap shows our strategy to continuously improve our culture at CPChem.

ICARE 2.0 – Moving from Principle to Practice

Diversity and

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ICARE has helped to lay the foundation for a diversity-friendly and
welcoming culture that allows us to continue to:

ICARE 2.0 – Roadmap


Empowering People

Performance Data Tables

Protecting Our Planet

Transforming Our Performance

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