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As a company that strives for continuous improvement, CPChem conducted a culture and rewards survey in  2019, benchmarked against 900 companies. The results placed CPChem in the top quartile and highlighted  our company’s cultural strengths and opportunities for growth.  

Out of this study arose three elements of strength and four elements we have chosen for further focus at CPChem. Together, these seven areas now represent our Culture Evolution, which will empower employees to unleash their best and support business and digital transformations now and in the future.

In 2020, sub-teams from CPChem’s diverse workforce developed a plan to explore our four focus areas and  provide guidance to help employees cultivate meaningful work. CPChem announced its Culture Evolution  plan in the fall of 2020 and will roll out the full program in 2021.

Combining our Culture Evolution efforts with the practice of high trust behaviors and constructive conflict outlined in our ICARE 2.0 training will lead our company to improve its position as a preferred partner to our customers, an investment of choice for our owners, and a more enjoyable and fulfilling place to work.

Performance by design. Caring by choice.™ is who we are. It represents what sets us apart from our competitors and guides our employees toward the behaviors we expect.

What I love most about CPChem is the drive to continuously improve all areas of the company, especially our culture. We will use this drive and build upon CPChem’s strong foundation to advance our culture and keep pace with a changing world. 

Jacquie Perez
Culture Evolution Manager

Seven Elements of Culture Evolution


Strengths at CPChem

Execute With Excellence

safety & reliability

personal & leader accountability

innovation & improvement

talent development & career opportunities

performance transparency

our shared vision & values

open & trusting relationships

Honor Our Purpose

Cultivate Connection

Focus Areas

Take Initiative

Unlock Possibility

Maximize Potential

Do What Matters

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Empowering People

Protecting Our Planet

Transforming Our Performance

Performance Data Tables

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