2020 marked a year of business transformation that fueled preparations to refresh CPChem’s Environmental, Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) strategy, Our Journey to Zero. Experts and leaders across the company are expanding the strategy and improving our performance approach to minimize impacts to the environment. The updated EHSS strategy is expected to launch in August 2021.

In 2019, we increased our transparency by offering an expanded view of CPChem’s environmental performance metrics. These disclosures document the company’s impacts and progress in our sustainability journey. In this report of 2020 performance data, we have further expanded our disclosures on emissions, energy, waste and water.

We believe that external verification and reporting are essential to exceeding expectations of our stakeholders, improving our performance and meeting regulatory requirements. All CPChem facilities in the United States have received third-party verification for our compliance with Responsible Care, excluding our Performance Pipe division. CPChem facilities in Qatar and Belgium have received third-party verification for compliance with ISO 14001. 

CPChem’s Operational Excellence (OE) system directs how we manage and address our impact. An OE Manual guides this system and outlines procedures aimed at ensuring compliance and reducing our environmental footprint. This manual also dictates expectations for improvement via company-wide metrics, goals and milestones in focus areas like pollution prevention, resource conservation and productivity.

Our Strategy


Increasing Our Transparency 

Certifying Our


Managing Our Environmental Impact

Our Planet

Our valuable products are made through the responsible use of energy and natural resources. CPChem is committed to conducting business in a safe, secure and environmentally conscious manner, while working to minimize our impacts on natural capital.

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Empowering People

Transforming Our Performance

Protecting Our Planet

Performance Data Tables

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