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CPChem takes commitments seriously. That is why our five key focus areas will enable our business to respond to risks posed by climate change and thrive in a lower-carbon future. At the core of our focus is reducing emissions, and work has already begun to develop and deploy cost-efficient solutions to achieve reductions in total emissions, emissions intensity and severity of emissions.

I am encouraged by the emphasis CPChem places on addressing climate change, and I look forward to leveraging the expertise of our employees to develop realistic solutions that help CPChem contribute to a more sustainable future. We will work with state-of-the-art objective tools and techniques to analyze and evaluate a course of sustainable actions for CPChem.

GM Corporate Planning and Development 

CPChem recognizes the challenges associated with climate change. Instead of only viewing climate change as a threat, we believe there are potentially great opportunities for our business as our company responds to this global concern. Transformative changes underway throughout our company will allow our organization to better respond to climate change risks and transition to a lower-carbon economy. These changes are being distilled into a climate action plan that will ensure climate change considerations are embedded into business practices, including strategic planning.

Climate Focus Areas


Climate Change

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Empowering People

Transforming Our Performance

Protecting Our Planet

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