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CPChem is committed to Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS®) programs across the globe and has established tangible business practices to prevent plastic loss from our facilities. Our plastic manufacturing sites have OCS® teams that assess risk, perform inspections, and identify improvement opportunities to prevent plastic loss. 

In 2020, we made further enhancements to our plastic management systems by publishing a corporate Operational Excellence Guidance Document to provide a framework for plastic management programs at our facilities. A formal Guidance Review Team was also chartered and consists of executive leaders across the company who guide our plastic management efforts and ensure effective implementation. As part of our OCS® communication and engagement strategy, we developed training modules for all CPChem employees regarding their responsibilities for managing plastics.

Our target is zero plastic loss from our facilities. Assessments conducted in 2019 and 2020 identified opportunities at our facilities to further enhance and transform our plastic management efforts. For example, these assessments inspired projects that increased our ability to more sustainably remove residual plastics from railcars returned by customers. Through continuous monitoring and improvement of our plastic management programs and end-of-line controls, we are delivering on our commitment to ensure plastics are not lost to the environment.

Preventing plastic loss during transportation is an important part of the solution to ending plastic waste. In 2020, we expanded our efforts to engage and mentor service providers, customers and peers on effective plastic management and transportation practices. We also organized webinars and presented best practices in coordination with industry associations. 

Eliminating plastic waste will require collaboration, strong commitment and operational discipline throughout the plastics value chain. CPChem is dedicated to being a leader in responding to this issue.

Operation Clean Sweep® 


Continuous Improvement


Engaging Our Supply Chain

Plastics are a valuable resource that offer sustainable solutions to our daily lives. However, plastic waste generated from the manufacturing and use of plastic products is a global issue. Preventing plastic pellets and flakes from entering the environment is the responsibility of all members of the plastics value chain. 

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In 2020, there were no reported
plastic losses from CPChem facilities.