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Waste and


At our facilities, we produce olefins, polyolefins, alpha olephins, aromatics, specialty chemicals, ethylene, polyethylene and polyethylene pipe through several processes that also generate waste streams. Beyond our strict adherence to local disposal regulations, CPChem’s OE System sets internal requirements for our facilities regarding disposal and minimization of waste. Additionally, employee-led, local Green Teams and Pollution Prevention Teams are instrumental in identifying waste reduction and recycling opportunities.

In 2020, the total waste disposed from our facilities was 33,874 metric tons, a slight increase compared to 2019. Fluctuations in waste generation from year to year are affected greatly by major project work, a prominent source of waste at our facilities. 

Q-Chem, CPChem’s joint venture in Qatar, achieved an 18.5% reduction in total volume of waste disposed in 2020 compared to 2019. This was accomplished through targeted recycling and reuse efforts, in addition to leveraging the innovation of our employees through monthly and annual Housekeeping and Waste Segregation Champion awards. 

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in Bartlesville


recycling initiatives

CPChem’s Bartlesville Green Team reinvigorated an onsite recycling program by installing more prominent recycling containers in all buildings and initiating an education campaign. Post-consumer recyclables are taken to a local 501(c) nonprofit organization, which provides jobs for individuals with disabilities. Recycling in Bartlesville is a win-win for the community and environment.

Handling Waste Responsibly


Q-Chem Waste

Expanding Recycling in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

We aim to reduce our waste, leverage opportunities for its reuse and maximize recycling whenever possible.

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Total Waste and Intensity


Empowering People

Transforming Our Performance

Protecting Our Planet

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