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CPChem launched Performance by Design (PBD) in late 2019 as the initial leg of its ongoing Business Transformation effort.

PBD seeks to find better, more effective methods to execute job processes by challenging the status quo and collaborating to develop solutions. PBD is also about leveraging new technologies or creatively using existing technologies to save time and focus on high-priority items, identifying inefficiencies or redundancies within our organization, and collaborating to streamline our work processes.  

PBD saw terrific success in 2020 and paved the way for a bold agenda in 2021 after CPChem’s Digital Transformation and Culture Evolution efforts joined PBD as key pillars. The year surpassed all forecasts as engagement, execution, and ideation took hold across the company. We also implemented the Keystone Awards in 2020, a program that recognizes employees who showcase the behavioral and performance characteristics of PBD.

To date, employees have generated more than 800 ideas and implemented over 400 PBD initiatives across four major regions: Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States. More than 2,500 employees are engaged with PBD, and 85 Keystone Awards have been presented to individuals in recognition of their contributions. 

PBD’s pervasiveness at all levels of CPChem has transformed our business and the way we operate. As PBD evolves, we will use it to innovate, improve our operations and increase the sustainability of our products.   

In 2020, CPChem secured more than $300MM worth of value from PBD projects. CPChem is building on this momentum and continuing its multi-year journey toward best-in-class performance.

Helping Hands: Read how one CPChem employee set a project in motion to donate more than 100,000 half-gallon HDPE bottles for COVID-19 relief. 

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Empowering People

Protecting Our Planet

Transforming Our Performance

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Transforming our processes
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Liz Peck, Communications Advisor, displays her Performance by Design Keystone Award.


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